The Sims 1 CC

This page lists all of the custom content I use for my Sims 1 Story playthrough. Unfortunately, I can’t list exactly where I downloaded each item, I just know I downloaded them from these sites listed below.

*NOTE: Some of these links may not work due to the owner shutting down the site, due to the site being old.

-Around The Sims

-Awesome Expression

-Boudoir Blanc

-Clutter Factory


-Ferndale Sims

-Gnohmon Goodies

-Ingrid Studio

-Nyx’s Stuff


-Magic Sims




-Paladin’s Place

-Sim Pets

-Sim Freaks





-The Sims Emporium

-The Sims Depo




-Xmsims [Note:  This site is in Japanese and needs to be translated]

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